matNMR, 2.1 (july 1999) and newer : F. A. Q.

Does matNMR run on my platform ?
If MATLAB runs on your platform then YES IT DOES! If you still have problems, please send me an e-mail.

How do I install the software ?
Installation instructions are in the reference documentation, chapter 2.

I'm running MATLAB 6 on Windows XP and I can't get matNMR to work ?
You may want to read about the problems of running MATLAB 6.1 (R12.1) under Windows XP. These are described here.

Many windows that open have zero vertical size and I can't use them. Why is that?
This is a Matlab bug. This has been observed at least in one case for Matlab 5.3 running on Windows XP. A patch has been made for this problem in version 3.1.67.

Why doesn't matNMR start up properly under MS Windows when I have the splash window turned on (NOTE: this is the default setting of matNMR after downloading!) ?
For some reason the splash window that is created when starting up matNMR is not closed properly closed, which causes all buttons to be created in the same splash window and not in the real matNMR window.
Solution: copy the matnmroptions.mat file from the directory in which the matNMR code is put into your private matlab directory. Then start up matlab, load the matnmroptions.mat file and set the QShowLogo variable to 0 by saying "QShowLogo = 0" from the MATLAB prompt. Then save the matnmroptions.mat to disk.
NOTE: This bug has been solved in version 2.5 (1 february 2000)!

Does matNMR really need long file names ?
No, it could also work with short names but then you have to change all long names in the entire code.

Why doesn't matNMR run under older versions of MATLAB ?
MATLAB has changed quite dramatically going from version 4.2 to 5.0 which made some rather big changes to the code necessary. Therefore support is only given for the newest versions of MATLAB. The current support level (matNMR 3.0) is for version 5.2 and higher.

I have just installed matNMR and when trying to start it I get a strange error message that it cannot find some files?
Matlab doesn't seem to like empty spaces in directory or disk names. Especially when working under Macintosh environments this may be very relevant. Change the name of the disk or directory and try again!
NOTE: This bug has been fixed in matNMR 2.7, release november 12 2002!

Some of the fonts are not recognized by my computer
The fonts currently available from the menus are some default fonts found under Solaris (so basically what is installed on my computer). It should however be relatively simple to put in your personal font list by editing the code. Just look into askedittext.m, askfont.m, QezLegend.m, Qtextdata.m, regeledittext.m and regelfont.m

Isn't there any help available for matNMR ?
There is an extremely simple help function in older versions that can be accessed from the menubar in all windows. This contains information about installing matNMR, getting started and about all functions in all windows.
Starting from version 2.6 however an online manual is available exclamation

Does matNMR run under GNU Octave ?
Unfortunately the Octave program mainly focusses on calculation and not on graphics. This means there are no GUI functions available and as matNMR relies heavily on such functions Octave is not suited for matNMR. (Should anyone want to program such GUI functions, please do so!) That means you'll have to buy an expensive MATLAb license....

How can I see what has been changed in this new version ?
Included in the downloadable code is a file called 'BugFixes.txt' that contains all changes to the code, however small they are.

What are known problems/bugs when working with matNMR ?
Included in the downloadable code is a file called 'KnownBugs.txt' that contains a list of things of which I feel they need to be improved.

When starting matNMR Matlab claims it cannot find certain files even though they are there ...
Matlab doesn't always update its cache buffers and this causes such problems when installing new code, especially in toolbox directories. One should then execute "rehash toolbox" and "rehash path" to update the cache buffers.

The colour are screwed up for Matlab 7 under Windows XP ...
When using the "Windows XP" display setting the display properties of UIcontrols are changed. One should either work in "Windows classic" display mode or use the workaround provided by Mathworks:
Make a file called "java.opts" in the $MATLAB/bin/win32 directory, where $MATLAB is e.g. c:\program files\MATLAB704. In the file java.opts you only write "-Dswing.noxp=true". This should fix the problem.

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